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The winter version of g-link CMS [build 2012-12-01]  is introducing new features:

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...g-link CMS is not rocket science but an option to...

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*** A complete web site system

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g-link systemet virker lige ud af æsken ~ se hvad æsken indeholder...
What is  g-link CMS?

Top Free CMS built on Classic ASP + MySQL


g-link CMS: A simple and user friendly Content Management System (CMSInfo:CMSContent Management System ~ g-link CMS:
A flexible system to handle layout, functionality and content of your website using nothing but a browser...
) for everyone.
  Denne side på dansk, tak!

g-link is a very user friendly end simple homepage Content Management System (CMS) aimed at individuals - nerds as well as common users - associations, organizations, companies and corporations that do not have a full time webmaster and an enterprise solution.
g-link´s g-links online help contains a complete installation guide, system description and module description down to the level of each file. The built-in guidance helps you overcome the initial hurtles and gives you lots of Hints & Tricks which make your daily life much easier. 


No knowledge of html, asp or php? No problem!

The g-link system is build for those who would like to create, update and maintain a dynamic web site, but only have a limited knowledge or no knowledge of the web technologies: If you can handle a computer with an Internet browser you´ll be able to use the g-link system - whether you are 9 years old or you are 90 years old.

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